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En aquest lloc «web» trobareu propostes per fer front a problemes econòmics que esdevenen en tots els estats del món: manca d'informació sobre el mercat, suborns, corrupció, misèria, carències pressupostàries, abús de poder, etc.
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A short history of money.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà, Brauli Tamarit Tamarit.

Communal Capitalism.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

An instrument to build peace.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

Semitic legends concerning the bank.
Agustí Chalaux de Subirà.

Telematic currency and market strategy.
Magdalena Grau, Agustí Chalaux.

The power of money.
Martí Olivella.

Either we renew ourselves or we shall deplete nature.

Alternative energies could meet 56 times the consumption of electricity in Spain by 2050, according to Greenpeace.

Metro Directe. Friday, 25th November 2005. Economics.

Greenpeace.The future, both of energy and of environment lies in the utilization of renewable energies. Greenpeace published a study according to which with this sort of source we could meet up to 56.42 times the electricity demand in the country by 2050. However, the Ministry of Industry thinks that this statement is too optimistic, mainly because of the distance in time covered by these calculations.

The government estimates are less bold, as can be seen in the Plan for Renewable Energies 2005-2010, approved at the end of last August. This plan envisages to meet about 12.1% of the global consumption, and about 30.3% of the rough consumption of electricity with this sort of sources.

Left: Solar panels on the plateau of Castile. Right: Wind farm in the municipality of El Bonillo (Albacete).

The Sun is the main source.

Greenpeace demands that a greater importance be given to the sun energy, since this is the main renewable source for Spain, and points out that with thermoelectricity (by means of concentrating mirrors) by 2050 consumption could be met 35 times.

The government calculations bestow an important role on the wind farms. According to Greenpeace it has the ability to meet 53 times the present goal of the plan, whose forecasts reach only to 2010.

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